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Our state-of-the-art fabrication facility is ready to serve you and your company afor the cutting, machining, and custom fabrication of a wide range of plastics to your exact specifications. In addition, we will assist you and/or your staff in developing design ideas. Grewe Plastics, Inc. has many years of experience working in the following areas:

Industrial Fabrication

Grewe Plastics, Inc. is experienced in the fabrication of all commercially available plastics. The acrylic cabinets above are an example of the many types of plastic fabrication Grewe Plastics, Inc. can provide to our customer's specifications.

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Known for its high quality custom acrylic fabrication to exacting standards, Grewe Plastics, Inc. takes your project from design inception through final production in a professional manner.

Exhibition & Display

For over fifty years, leading museums, galleries and design professionals have relied upon Grewe Plastics, Inc. to fabicate the most challenging exhibits in acrylic. Grewe Plastics, Inc. has a reputation for meeting stringent deadlines, helping customers with material selection, and delivering finished products with absolute dimensional accuracy.

Plastics Machining

Grewe Plastics, Inc. is known for its precision plastics maching for a variety of mechanical, chemical and scientific purposes. Grewe Plastics, Inc. will machine prototypes, short runs as well as large production runs.

• Accessories
• ADA Compliant Signage
• Adhesives
• Architectural Finishes
• Barriers
• Boxes
• Bushings
• Chambers
• Cleaners
• Containers
• Corner Guards
• Cylinders
• Dessicator Cabinets
• Discs
• Display Bases
• Display Cases & Units
• Domes
• Enclosures
• Frames
• Furniture
• Gears
• Glass Replacement
• Literature Holders
• Machine Covers

Products (Cont.):

• Pamphlet Holders
• Partitions & Joining Strips
• Patterns & Templates
• Plaques & Signs
• Plastic Duct, Fittings, Pipe
• Plastic Screws & Fasteners
• Plating Apparatus
• Polishes
• Prototypes
• Shelves
• Signage
• Specialty Tapes
• Vitrines
• Wall Mounts
• Wall Racks
• Wear Strips
• Work Stations

Any Custom Design

Refer to Distribution for a
complete listing of available

• Assemblies
• Bending

• Cementing

• Drilling

• Engraving

• Film Application

• Forming

• Milling

• Precision Cutting

• Polishing

• Prototype Development

• Punching

• Routing

• Sanding

• Silk Screen

• Tapping

• Turning

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